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Application deadline: Wednesday, 13 March 2024


Y!Participate is an innovative global initiative aimed at enhancing meaningful participation of young people in mental health and wellbeing initiatives. This initiative seeks to empower young people and organizations that work with them through facilitation of direct access to engagement opportunities, curated resources, and workshops for capacity strengthening and sharing, and will be a platform that informs effective strategies for meaningful youth involvement.


The Youth Expert Advisory (YEA) is established to ensure the Y!Participate initiative is guided by the insights, aspirations, and needs of young people. The advisors will play a crucial role in shaping the initiative’s strategies, contributing to the development of resources, and ensuring the platform effectively bridges the gap between young advocates and engaging entities.

Criteria for selection

  • Age: 18-25 years, to ensure a diverse range of youth perspectives.
  • Experience: Demonstrated involvement in mental health and wellbeing programming, research, and advocacy, with a passion for meaningful youth participation.
  • Skills: Strong communication skills, creative thinking, and the ability to work collaboratively in a diverse team.
  • Commitment: Available to dedicate over 8 days spread across 11 months to the initiative.


The YEA will consist of 5 young people, ensuring diversity in geographical representation, lived experiences, and expertise in mental health and wellbeing.

Expectations from a Youth Expert Advisor

  • Contribute to the development and evaluation of the initiative’s key components, including branding, the RAYE Scale, resource collection and curation as well as other platform features.
  • Participate actively in workshops, meetings, and testing phases.
  • Provide insights and feedback to ensure the initiative meets the needs of young people and aligns with best practices in youth participation.

Expectations from us

  • Support: Provide comprehensive support for the Youth Expert Advisors, including orientation, resources for engagement, and feedback mechanisms.
  • Compensation: Offer fair compensation for the time and contributions of the Youth Expert Advisors.
  • Inclusion: Ensure the advisors’ insights are valued and integrated into the development and execution of the Y!Participate initiative.


Youth Expert Advisors are expected to engage actively throughout the development phase, contributing approximately 8 days over the span of 11 months. This engagement will include virtual meetings, workshops, and independent feedback sessions, with flexible scheduling to accommodate the advisors’ availability.

Role and impact

Youth Expert Advisors will have a pivotal impact on the Y!Participate initiative, ensuring it remains youth-informed, relevant, and effective in fostering meaningful participation in mental health and wellbeing. Their contributions will help shape a platform that not only serves young advocates but also provides engaging entities with valuable insights and tools for inclusive youth engagement.

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