Y!Participate – Informed actions, meaningful connections

Y!Participate uniquely positions itself as a global initiative dedicated to enhancing meaningful participation among young advocates on issues related to their wellbeing. This initiative was co-created with youth, providing a dual approach: on one hand, it opens avenues for young people to access engagement opportunities and resources to enhance their capacity; on the other hand, it offers engaging entities a suite of simplified, effective strategies (‘recipes’) for involving young people meaningfully as well as a platform to reach a diverse group of young people looking to engage in their work. Through focus group discussions and collaborative workshops with young people and people that work with them, Y!Participate has been tailored to meet the specific needs and aspirations of young individuals and organizations alike. 

Why is this initiative necessary? 

Y!Participate emerges as a crucial initiative at a time when the essence of meaningful youth participation is often overshadowed by challenges such as limited access to engagement platforms, inadequate resources, and scarce opportunities for skill development. These barriers hinder young advocates from making effective contributions, leaving their unique perspectives and innovative solutions untapped in initiatives related to their wellbeing. Additionally, many organizations face difficulties in engaging young people in non-tokenistic ways due to a lack of specialized knowledge and resources, coupled with the absence of a centralized platform for easily accessible, tailored information on youth engagement. Recognizing these gaps, Y!Participate aims to foster an environment where the contributions of young people are not only valued but are instrumental in shaping decisions that impact their lives and wellbeing. 

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