The Child Storytelling Workshop Guide

Storytelling helps us capture, share, and celebrate love and beauty. Storytelling allows us to make sense of tragedy, grieve, mourn, and memorialize loss. When we have a camera in our hands, we can focus more fully on the present and perhaps see it clearly for the first time. By using pictures and words to show others what matters to us, we give significance and validity to our experiences. When others respond we feel connected and empowered. Storytelling also helps us to imagine and depict the future and connect to past moments of both joy and sadness.

Through storytelling – be it in words, pictures, or both – we navigate our experiences, choosing what’s essential to express. Join us as we explore the profound impact storytelling has on a child’s mental health, especially amidst challenging circumstances like poverty, discrimination, and crises.

This guide, originally designed for migrant children, transcends boundaries, offering a creative outlet for children worldwide. Through simple yet impactful workshops, children capture moments that matter to them, sharing their stories and fostering self-esteem and trust.

Watch:  The full recording of the launching webinar of this guide.


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