Mental health and psychosocial support in schools: Synthesis report of learnings from research in Colombia and Kenya

A synthesis of qualitative research examining the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Better Learning Program in Colombia and Kenya.

This research set out to examine the enabling environments for MHPSS interventions delivered in education settings in humanitarian contexts, with specific focus on NRC’s BLP implemented in Kenya and Colombia.

The report combines the learnings from the full research in each of the two countries, emphasizing both the role and value of MHPSS in education programming, as well as the specific perceptions of impact and implementation of the intervention by various education stakeholders

In both Kenya and Colombia, the research emphasized that MHPSS programs need to be accompanied by interventions that help meet the basic needs of the population in order to truly improve mental health and wellbeing. Schools, and the relationships with trusted adults that are cultivated there, must offer both physical and emotional safety to learners.

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