Digital consultant for transforming content into a digitized interactive format

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 20th July 2022 We are looking for a strong digital learning consultant to transform the curriculum and content of a course ino a digitized interactive format.

We are developing a global course for child and family MHPSS in emergency sttings. The course will increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of frontline workers, community volunteers, and/or caregivers to respond to MHPSS concerns and participate in community-based MHPSS program development. It will promote ongoing community capacity and workforce development by supporting MHPSS competencies of frontline community workers and caregivers.

Global, regional, and national actors engaged in co-creation and delivery of the course will include expertise on gender, age, and equity. The core principle of this work will be co-creation, as the MHPSS Collaborative will work especially with young people and caregivers from target contexts, who have lived experience to develop course content as well as with regional experts to identify and develop low-cost, usable course delivery platforms, and a brief co-creation and implementation process guidance as a resource for future iterations of the course. 

To develop the digital content and adapt to the UNICEF platform, the Learning Passport (LP)2, we are seeking to hire a Digital content management specialist.  

The course learning model is blended, thus combining face-to-face with an online module. The consultant should closely coordinate with the project manager with regard to the visualization of the content to get an understanding of the content material and organizational context. The project will involve the creation of defined modules and contents on C+F MHPSS and will include content such as videos, games, ppts, quizzes, etc to enhance the learning experience as well as improve the interaction with users. The activities should demonstrate the linkage between the material have been suggested by instructors with the outputs of each module; There should be a logical and smooth transition from one module to another with clear linkage to the knowledge and skills tackled by each module. 

The service includes the following tasks: 

  • Digital content development and learning design; 
  • Functional “learning path” activated for the delivery of training contents; 
  • Customisation of the graphical interface;  
  • The digitized packages should use a programming language that enables different delivery modalities (offline and online).  
  • Integrate Pre-assessments and post-assessments into course content 
  • Document technical issues related to content, encountered on the online and offline instances. 

 Please read the full terms of reference for more information about the task, details about the application process etc.


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