Consultant in Child Protection Case Management & MHPSS – position available

We're looking for a Consultant to work on the integration of MHPSS within Child Protection Case Management (CPCM) as part of our UNICEF Programme Cooperation Agreement (PCA).

Where: The MHPSS Collaborative, Save the Children Denmark

Start date:  As soon as possible

End date: 15 February 2022

Workload: 3 days per week (to be confirmed)

Location: Remote

Description of the project

The MHPSS Collaborative works together with UNICEF through a four-year Programme Cooperation Agreement (PCA) to enhance MHPSS as a priority area, and to build capacity across sectoral actors for its quality implementation, including through health, protection and educational systems.

Integration of MHPSS within Child Protection Case Management (CPCM) is one initiative under the PCA agreement. The international humanitarian system recognizes mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) within child protection as a life-saving priority. The recently updated Global Multisectoral Operational Framework for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support of Children, Adolescents and Caregivers Across Settings (2021)  is an important basis for delivery of critical MHPSS services, which requires further strengthening in scale and scope. At-risk children who require specialized care are more likely to be identified and appropriately supported through community-based interventions, including child protection case management services, that raise awareness of MHPSS needs and resources, and promote inclusion and participation of vulnerable children and families within community life. Effective child protection prevention and response mechanisms in emergencies require integration of MHPSS within CPCM systems to address the recovery and wellbeing of needs of children and adolescents, and child protection case management services that raise awareness of MHPSS needs and resources which promote inclusion and participation of vulnerable children and families within community life will further support child, family and community safety.

It is clear that MHPSS integrated within CPCM is critical, with special considerations for continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, there remains a dearth of evidence-based and inter-agency guidance and training for paraprofessionals to address the increasingly complex MHPSS needs of children with protection concerns, children with developmental, intellectual, and behavioral problems, and other mental health issues affecting their wellbeing. Furthermore, community based MHPSS programming, tailored to contextual issues, draws on and strengthens social resources from within affected populations. Growing a competent child and family focused workforce for promotion of mental health, prevention and early detection of mental health conditions, and delivery of evidence-based care for children and adolescents with mental health problems, and their careers in the communities where we work, will ensure sustainable services for years to come.

This project, now in the second half of its first year (15 Nov 2021 – 15 Feb 2022), intends to strengthen the MHPSS capacity of frontline workers and paraprofessionals working with children and caregivers through resource and capacity development in integrating MHPSS within CPCM. In Year 1, a series of consultations were held with experts in the Child Protection, Case Management and/or MHPSS sector which highlighted the key topics Case Managers would benefit from training and resources.  Building upon these findings, a draft framework for integrating MHPSS within CPCM is in progress and the first draft is scheduled to be completed by 15 November 2021, at which time it will begin a formal review process.

Specific Objectives of the Consultancy

  1. Lead the finalization of a field-test version of the Operational Framework for integrating MHPSS in CPCM in humanitarian settings:
    1. Ensure the field-informed framework for integrating MHPSS in the design and implementation of CPCM responds to the MHPSS capacity needs of CP case managers in humanitarian settings. This may include, for example, review of the framework by frontline case managers through regional/global consultation and incorporating feedback.
    2. Together with UNICEF, ensure review of the draft framework by relevant members of the CP Alliance, and IASC MHPSS RG child and family working group to support finalization of a field test version for use and feedback in multiple settings.
    3. Ensure the final framework incorporates essential elements, such as guidance for Covid-19 case managers, and workforce development competency frameworks for quality implementation.
  2. Lead the development and roll out of the global orientation, including the design and plan, and facilitate a global orientation introducing the framework and training package.
  3. Lead the development of regional orientation package for implementation in Year 2 of the project, including orientation materials and methodology, plan and timeline for regional rollout, and collection of lessons learned to inform the field test version of the framework.
  4. Upon request, provide technical consultation to the CP Alliance Case Management Task Force on integrating MHPSS within CPCM and aligning the framework with Task Force resources.
  5. This position will require the person identified to present regularly in meetings with the project team at the MHPSS Collaborative, UNICEF, the Child Protection Alliance, IASC Reference Group and child protection experts.


Required competencies and background of the Technical Advisor

  • Masters level degree in social work, psychology or other relevant field.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in the field of MHPSS and child protection prevention and response, broader protection or social work within humanitarian contexts.
  • Knowledge of and experience with child protection case management.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing accessible, field-focused guidance documents and in design and delivery of orientations.
    • Excellent written and spoken English.
    • Effective facilitation and communication skills with diverse partners and audiences.




  • Knowledge of MHPSS and child protection policies and tools including the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, interagency child protection Minimum Standards, Guiding Principles and SGBV case management standards.



Application process


To apply for this position, please submit a CV and short cover letter to Kate Harris before Wednesday 1 December 2021.


Please direct any questions to Kate at

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